Time for Brake Repair in Fairfield CT

Unfortunately, it is all too easy to put off necessary auto repairs. However, there are some issues that will need to be addressed quickly. Brake repair in Fairfield CT should be handled in a timely manner in order to keep your vehicle safe. It is important to recognize the sign that it is time for repair.

You Hear a Noise

Often the first indication that it is time to seek brake repair in Fairfield CT is a howling, grinding, or screeching noise when you apply the brakes to slow your vehicle. The noise is due to the fact that the brake pads on your automobile have worn down completely and need to be replaced. The sound that you hear is the metal frame of the worn pad rubbing against the metal of the rotor or drum.

You Feel a Pull

When you feel your car pull to the right or left when applying the brakes, your brake pads have uneven wear. This unevenness is causing one wheel to grab faster. Even if the pull is brief, it could cause a dangerous loss of control. The cause of the uneven wear may be a stuck wheel cylinder or a brake fluid impurity.

Your Brake Pedal Vibrates

If your brake pedal, steering wheel or even the entire vehicle vibrates when you attempt to slow down, there is likely an issue with the brake drum or rotor. Something has caused unnatural wear, such as hitting a pothole or colliding with a curb.

You Notice Play in the Brake Pedal

When you have to press the brake pedal harder and harder in order to stop your vehicle, this is known as too much play in the pedal. The issue may be as simple as worn brake pads, but may also be a much more serious issue. This is certainly a sign that should not be ignored.

In order to keep your vehicle safe, never delay brake repair in Fairfield CT. If you notice any of these signs, schedule an appointment for repair as soon as possible. For more information about these services click here. Find us on Facebook!

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