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Tips for Better Skin Care from Your San Antonio Dermatologists

Posted By: Leah Austin

If you know how important it is to take care of your skin, you are likely getting assistance from San Antonio dermatologists on a regular basis. This is a smart move because they can help you take the best possible care of your skin, can offer professional insight into what to do when something happens and also help you watch for warning signs of possible problems. Here are three tips local dermatologists often recommend to their patients.

Avoid the Sun as Much as Possible

Your dermatologist isn’t asking you to be like a vampire and avoid the sun at all times, and they aren’t asking you to be a hermit who only goes outside a few hours every week to buy groceries. However, they are asking you to avoid prolonged outdoor time during the most brutal periods of sun, usually from 11am until 2pm in most areas.

Protect Your Skin Every Day

If you have to be out and about when the sun is at its most intense or if you are working outdoors, your San Antonio dermatologists will help you find ways to protect your skin. Using sunscreen is a must, as is wearing long sleeves and pants. You should also wear a hat and sunglasses, as well as chapstick. It’s also important to drink plenty of water when in the sun.

Be Smart With Your Cleaning

The final tip for protecting your skin from the damaging effects of the sun is to consider your cleaning routine. Daily skin care and washing are important, but it must be done correctly. Make sure you use mild soaps that are free from dyes, fragrances and harsh chemicals. Moisturizing washes and lotions are also beneficial to use after washing.

To get even more great skin care tips or to find the San Antonio dermatologists who will listen to your needs and concerns, contact Limmer Dermatology.

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