Tips For Changing Filters in Central Air Conditioners in Batavia

Central Air Conditioners in Batavia, are handy devices used to remove unwanted contaminants and cooling indoor air. These major appliances also regulate air temperature and control humidity levels. To successfully fulfill these purposes, it’s helpful to regularly change the filter on a central AC system. The following tips can assist with this ongoing task.

Before changing an air conditioner’s filter, first locate the filter compartment. On many Central Air Conditioners in Batavia, this section is located inside the return air duct. Some AC systems have this compartment around the furnace or in another area. It’s helpful to place an old towel or blanket under this compartment. This will keep dust particles from falling onto the carpet. Use a screwdriver or other tool to remove the fasteners and access cover. Put these items to the side as they will have to be replaced later. Carefully remove the filter. Place the filter on the towel until it can be taken outside. Vacuum the filter compartment to remove as much dirt as possible.

Take a reusable filter outside and use a vacuum to remove a majority of its surface contents. Next, use a garden hose to rinse the rest of the dirt, debris, toxins, and allergens. Let the filter dry outside before replacing it. Take a disposable filter outside. Write down the dimensions of the filter. When these are not visible, use a tape measure or ruler to measure the width, depth, and length. Next, place the filter in a plastic bag and put the bag in a proper receptacle until it can be taken away. When inserting a replacement filter, do it carefully so the borders are not crushed. A defective filter gives debris, allergens, smoke, and other contaminants a chance to enter household air. Replace the compartment cover and fasteners. Vacuum or sweep the floor to pick up stray particulates.

Changing a central AC system’s filter should correspond to the level of air contaminants. In general, changing it about once a month will help keep the air breathable for household occupants. For more information on AC systems and other air management systems, please Blue Frost Heating & Cooling. This business can handle residential and commercial AC services.

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