Tips for Creating Successful Window Designs in Sarasota, FL

A home’s windows offer its residents a view of the outside world. With the right window treatments, they can also offer unique visual appeal and a perfect complement to a room’s interior decor. Read on to find out how to create stunning Window Designs in Sarasota FL to learn how to make full use of a room’s windows.

Choose the Right Colors

When choosing a color palette, make a point of taking both the room’s furnishings and current trends in mind. Right now, natural shades are in vogue. As a general rule, lighter colors make rooms look larger while warmer colors make large rooms look more inviting.

Try Some Texture

Natural fibers are also popular among today’s homeowners. Look into Roman shades made from natural materials or find other ways to add texture to Window Designs in Sarasota FL by incorporating multiple layers.

Soften Direct Light

Wood blinds and woven shades filter light without making rooms look dark and uninviting. Filtering direct sunlight can soften it, making the room simultaneously more welcoming and more functional.

Consider Curves

Rooms like kitchens that have lots of straight lines can often benefit from window treatments that feature a few curves. Arching a valance can add some visual appeal, as can installing treatments that feature inverted pleats and wings.

Don’t Forget About Functionality

While window treatments are beautiful, they’re also supposed to be functional. Think about how the window design can make the room more comfortable. This might involve adding curtains or shades that feature blackout fabric to a bedroom or pairing shades with drapes or curtains to provide more privacy.

Measure Carefully

There are two ways to hang window treatments. Homeowners can position them inside their window frames or outside them. Hanging window treatments on the walls hides the frame but creates a unique look, while placing them inside the frame looks more uniform.

Buy Quality Coverings

Homeowners should always purchase quality window coverings, whether they decide on blinds, shades, curtains, valences, or a combination of window treatments. Click Here to browse one company’s impressive inventory of affordable but high-quality window coverings today or get in touch to ask about custom options to ensure the best results.

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