Tips For Evaluating An Aerospace Machine Shop

For manufacturers in the aerospace industry, working with top service providers is more than just good business, it is an essential step in the safety and quality of the parts, components and equipment produced.

There are a few standard checks to make of any aerospace machine shop before determining if this is the right match for your needs. Taking a bit of additional time in research and verifying information about the company will ensure that every order you place will be delivered to your specifications and to the high tolerances required across the industry.

Look for Professionalism

Make sure that any aerospace machine shop considered meets top professional standards for the aerospace industry. A good indicator of a company’s commitment to quality parts and component as well as industry standards is to check for Gulfstream Aerospace approval as a vendor of machined parts.

Another factor to check out with regards to professional quality and services is to look at past projects completed. Most companies will provide an online gallery, but don’t hesitate to ask for one or more references and follow up with a phone call or email to a past or current customer.

Look at Capabilities and Capacity

For a prototype or large volume production orders, it will be essential to understanding the capabilities (the services) as well as the capacity (the volume) that any aerospace machine shop provides.

The best companies are transparent in providing information on the specific equipment they use. Companies that focus on precision machining required in the aerospace industry will have up to date equipment and technology.

Make sure the company has a stellar reputation for on-time processing of orders. The best machining company for any aerospace project will not only be the company that can work to your specifications, but that has a track record of completing projects on time and on budget.

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