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Tips for Extending the Longevity of Partial Dentures in California, MD

Posted By: Leah Austin

Partial Dentures in California MD offer patients who are missing multiple teeth a perfect solution for regaining lost function and restoring normal speech, bite patterns, and appearance. They’re designed to last, too, but they do require a certain amount of care to provide years of use. Read on to find out how to maintain dentures in order to extend their lifespan and ensure adequate oral health.

Clean at Least Once a Day

Removable dentures should be removed and rinsed with water after each meal, but they should also be cleaned and brushed once per day. This can be accomplished using denture cleaner or antibacterial soap. Denture wearers should note that toothpaste is too abrasive to be an adequate cleaning agent and effervescent cleaning tablets are not a viable substitute for actually brushing dentures to remove plaque.

Remove Dentures at Night

Removable Partial Dentures in California MD must be taken out at night. Failing to do so can hasten bone loss and increase dental patients’ chances of developing potentially serious dental diseases. While patients are sleeping, their dentures should be stored in water or a specialized denture solution until morning when they can be safely placed back in the mouth.

Brush Gums Every Day

Dentures aren’t the only things that must be brushed every day to ensure the dental prostheses last their expected lifespans. Patients must also ensure they are keeping their gums, tongues, and other surfaces in their mouths clean and free of bacteria and disease-causing microbes. Just make sure to use a different extra-soft bristle toothbrush than the one being used to brush the dentures themselves.

Learn More Today

Already have dentures and concerned about their fit or whether they are in good enough condition, or want to learn more about partial dentures and other solutions for replacing missing teeth? Check us out online to learn more about one dental practice that can help. Today’s dentures and other tooth replacement technologies are much more comfortable and effective than those of the past, so even patients who have not had success with prior dental prostheses may want to schedule an appointment to investigate their current options.

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