Tips For Finding A Top Aerospace Machine Shop

Any OEM providing parts, components, and systems to the aerospace industry, or those companies working in the aerospace industry, typically outsource the manufacturing of parts to specialized companies.

Within the types of parts and components that are outsourced, there are two general categories. One is mission-critical parts, which include engine components and flight control parts and systems. The other type or part category is non-flight critical components. These include metal or plastic components that are used throughout the aircraft such as seat tracks, decorative trim, cup holders, hinge blocks and even brackets used through the cabin and interior.

These non-flight critical components are still essential to the production of the aircraft. By using a top aerospace machine shop with expertise and experience in this type of production, OEMs and aerospace companies can outsource interior and furnishing and mounting components to trusted contract manufacturers.

Look for Recognition in the Industry

Top companies providing aerospace machining services typically have been recognized within the industry. A good place to start is looking at the Gulfstream Aerospace awards, which indicate a quality machining shop that is recognized for their ability to provide custom parts to meet the needs of their customers in the aerospace sector.

Reviewing custom ratings for the aerospace machine shop is another important consideration. These ratings are good indicators of what past customers have experienced when working with the shop.

Consider the Past Projects

An experienced aerospace machine shop can back up their claims of working in the aerospace sector by providing details of the past projects they have completed for companies in the industry.

The advantage of actually seeing the work produced in the past is also a good indication of what you can expect, including quality, order turnaround time and the value-added services the company can provide.

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