Tips For Finding The Right Wholesale Bakery Supply Store For Startup Businesses

Starting up a restaurant, bistro, café or a bakery is an exciting time. It is also a time to make a lot of different decisions, including how to choose suppliers from everything from ingredients for the foods you offer to the choice of a wholesale bakery supply store.

The first thing that any startup business owner in the bakery or food service industry should know is that working with a wholesale bakery supply store offers several benefits over buying items retail or even buying them from a general restaurant supply company. Not only are the prices better at a wholesale company specializing in bakery supplies, but there is also a superior selection, ensuring you will have the right equipment, from pans to tools, to use for baking and decorating.

Look at the Selection

A primary consideration when choosing a wholesale bakery supply store should be to consider the selection they offer. Check the listing of brands the wholesaler offers as well as take the time to browse through the various categories to see the depth of the inventory offered.

This is important as your business grows. While you may start without a lot of need for specialty items, as your bakery or restaurant grows, your need for specific pans, decorations, and supplies is going to increase. Finding a wholesale supplier who offers the types of supplies you need now as well as in the future is always a plus.

Consider Shipping and Order Requirements

One of the challenges of working with a wholesale bakery supplier is the size minimums required on orders. However, there are some bakery supply stores with a focus on both small and larger bakeries, so they allow small and large orders. N.Y Cake is a great example of a quality wholesale supplier with a full inventory line and no limitations on order sizes.

At N.Y Cake, we provide a wholesale bakery supply store with an extensive inventory that caters to small and large bakeries and bakers. To find out more, see us online at

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