Tips For Getting Accurate Quotes From Oak Park, IL, Moving Companies

Planning a move from Oak Park, IL, the state or across the country does not have to be stressful. Working with one of the top moving companies ensures a smooth moving day and that the truck arrives at your destination in the given delivery window.

One of the most important things to do when choosing from the various moving companies in the area is to get a quote for the service. For long-distance moves, which include those that are over a state line or outside of a specific mileage range from Oak Park, IL, the quote is based on the miles, the weight on the truck and other factors that may add to the time or complexity of the move.

Non-binding Estimates

For those with a small amount to move or limited items, a non-binding estimate is a good way to get a clear understanding of how much moving companies charge. The amount provided in the estimate is the best approximation of the weight of the items to be moved, which can vary once the truck is loaded an weighed on the scales.

Binding Estimates

As it sounds, a binding estimate is an exact amount that the customer will pay, regardless of what the actual weight is on the scale. In most cases, the moving company comes to the home to assess the items to move to provide these types of estimates.

Not to Exceed Binding Estimates

With this option, the customer is quoted a price which is the maximum amount to pay. However, should the load on the truck be lighter, the customer pays the adjusted lower amount. If the load on the truck is heavier, the customer does not pay anything over the quoted price.

To get an accurate estimate, provide all the information about the move to Jackson Moving & Storage. Adding items or changing anything from the quoted information can result in a change in the charge for the move.

To find out why Jackson Moving & Storage is one of the top moving companies in Oak Park, IL, call us today. More information on our moving service can also be found online at

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