Tips for Getting Horse Feed from the Pet Store in El Dorado Hills, CA

The pet store in EL Dorado Hills CA professionals can tell you that it is just as important how you feed your work horses, as it is what you feed your work horses. Many horses are considered to be working or performance horses and they must be in top shape at all times. Most horses can get the nutrition that they need from a high quality pasture and that works well for them. Work or performance horses however, need to have a little different diet than horses who are just pets, and ridden on occasion. They need additional rations, and to be fed more often, in order for them to be energetic, and get the protein, vitamins and minerals that they need to perform or work on a farm or ranch.

Many people don’t realize that horses were born to graze continually; especially if they are working horses. You need to have a constant supply of quality grass and hay available for your horses to snack on at all times. A good-quality pasture is your best bet; however, if you can’t find one then make sure to keep the best quality hay on hand that you can find to keep your horses happy.

Make sure to choose a high quality concentrated feed to feed your horses as well. Horses can’t live on hay alone you know. Provide oats, barley, or even a mix of the two so that your horse is in the best of physical health at all times. Different concentrated feeds provide different vitamins and minerals, so choose wisely.

Make sure that you talk to your vet and add whatever supplements you need to your horses diet. These include salt, minerals, and vitamins. Your vet of course will give you his recommendations after examining your horses and seeing what health they are in. If you are going to own horses, whether it is to work, let them perform or just to ride, then you need to take care of them, treat them with respect, and feed them the way that they need to be fed. Horses are gentle creatures and very mild-mannered if taken care of the right way.

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