Tips For Hiring For Petrochem Field Services

As in all types of trades, hiring internally and maintaining staff on the company payroll is becoming increasingly difficult with the rises and falls in the industry as well as the constant evolution of technology and system design. Hiring in-house millwrights, foremen and journeyman in the supporting trades is both costly in payroll and benefits but also in continued training on the latest in systems.

A more practical option for petrochemical companies of any size is to outsource these specialized types of tasks. This an include when designing and constructing new facilities, when upgrading or maintaining existing sites, or when there is a need for repairs or dismantling of systems.

Hiring a company to provide petrochem field services is very similar to taking on a partner. The level of professionalism, experience, and expertise the contact company offers has a direct impact on the performance of your facilities and plants.

Hire Based on Experience and Reputation

There are a lot of startup companies offering petrochem field services . While these companies may be offering reduced bids on jobs to get into the industry and the market, they also lack the experience and proven track record; an established company brings to the table.

Checking references, asking specifics about the scope of work done in past contracts for petrochem field services gives your team a good understanding of the expertise and the services the company is able to offer.

Services Offered

Not all field service providers in the petrochemical industry offer the same scope of services. Take the time to review the solutions and services provided by the company, and also to assess the anticipated needs at your facility.

By carefully matching not only current needs for field services but also potential future needs, a petrochemical company can hire a field service team that can stay with them as they grow and expand.

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