Tips for hiring scaffolding

by | Jun 27, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

There are times when a building contractor will need scaffolding for use on a job that he is involved in, however it may not make financial sense to purchase it and then store it after the job is finished. In these circumstances, scaffold hire in Edinburgh is a great option. However, before running out to the hire company there are a number of things that must be taken into account. It is important to understand and consider what the scaffolding will be used for as the costs can vary considerably. Over and above the cost issue, of primary importance is safety so skipping toe boards and handrails, although saving cost is not a good idea.

The platform itself consists of the wooden planks or aluminium sections that span the scaffold and provide a stable surface for the workers to stand and walk on. The platform sections are all part of what can be hired but often times a contractor may see this as an area to cut costs, especially if there are off cuts and wood scrap on site that can be used. This cutting of corners is not recommended as the planks provided by scaffold hire in Edinburgh are designed to fit exactly within the tubular structure. If the proper platform components are not used there is every likelihood of running into a liability issue. Toe boards are another item that also eyed by the contractor as a way to save on hire costs. Toe boards are risers that run around the edge of the platform and are primarily used to prevent tools and material from falling to the ground. In the interests of pedestrian safety, the toe boards must not be neglected.

A reasonably accurate sketch of the area to be accessed from the scaffolding should be made. From this sketch the contractor, usually in co-operation with the scaffold hire in Edinburgh company an estimate of the materials is made. Once a bill of material is available the hire company can then either supply the needs immediately or arrange to deliver over stages that suit the building as it rises. At this time it is important that the contract being offered by the hire company be scrutinized as there will be clauses stating how the scaffolding can be used and how long it can be used for. Pay particular attention to the contract and get the name of a responsible party at the hire firm that can be contacted in the event of breakage or failure of some sort.

Lastly, consider the transport. The components of scaffolding; pipes, couplings, platform boards, toe boards, ladders etc. are extremely heavy and a large lorry will be required. Although there may be a charge, it is usually best to have the hire company provide delivery to the site.

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