Tips for Maintaining a Dog’s New Look after Professional Pet Grooming in Everett

There is no question that many dog breeds require regular grooming. This not only helps to keep them looking great but is also beneficial for their health and overall well-being. Most pet owners absolutely love the way their pooch looks after a grooming session but discover just a few days after the service; their pet may look somewhat shaggy, once again. The good news is, there are a number of steps a pet owner can take at home to help maintain the “just from the groomer” look.

Brush the Dog Every Day

One of the best ways to prevent a dog’s hair from matting is to brush it at least once a day or every other day. This is the number one rule of beautiful fur and hair. If it is a long-haired dog, it is a good idea to use a spray in conditioner on the dog’s coat. Mix this with water and lightly spray it over the hair prior to brushing. This will make the hair more elastic, which makes it easier to brush.

Clean the Dog’s Face

When a pet owner opts for professional Pet Grooming in Everett, the groomer is likely extremely meticulous regarding how the dog looks. As a result, they look great when they come home. One of the first parts of any dog to look dirty is the face. This is why pet owners should take some time to wash their pet’s face each day. This helps to keep the tear ducts free from dust and reduce the potential of tear staining. This is especially true for smaller dogs.

For most people, their dog is not only a loyal companion but also a member of their family. As a result, keeping them looking great after being groomed is a top priority. More information and additional tips to help a person do this can be found by contacting the staff at Canine Country Club And Cattery Inc. Taking time to know how to keep a pup looking great after being groomed will also help to maintain the investment in the service that has been made.

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