Tips For Pest Control Near Cabot, AR

With the all year round great weather in Cabot, AR, people come to the area to work, raise a family and even to retire. While the great weather is perfect for humans, it is also ideal for bugs of all kinds.

The Need for Professional Treatment

A challenge for many homeowners is to find a way to effectively manage pest control in and near Cabot, AR. Spraying over-the-counter bug and insect sprays are ineffective on many of the bugs in the area, including fleas, bed bugs, termites, roaches and even the many different spiders that call this part of the world home.

The key to effective pest control in this area is proactive, professional pest control services. These services use specially developed chemical treatments that are not available to residential homeowners. These chemicals require licenses to be able to buy and apply, but when used correctly, they provide highly effective year-round pest prevention.

Homeowner Tips

In addition to professional pest control services to prevent any possible insect or rodent problems proactively, there are specific things the homeowner can also do to make the environment less bug, spider and rodent-friendly.

• Eliminate food sources – as much as possible, eliminate the sources of food and water for insects and rodents in the home. Fix leaks, prevent condensation, put all foods and leftovers in sealed, airtight containers and remove all trash from garbage cans on a daily basis.

• Seal holes – use spray foam or other types of sealants to block insects from coming in small holes around water pipes, electrical wires or other types of entrances to the home.

Call at the first sign of a problem. Once you see dead bugs or see rodent droppings or signs of damage to items in the pantry, the invasion is already well underway. At the first signs of any issues, call in the professionals for a full assessment of the problem.

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