Tips for Roof Replacement in Gig Harbor

A roof serves as the most important protective element of the home. However, there may come a time for when Roof Replacement in Gig Harbor is necessary. Replacing a roof is a big investment for a homeowner, so it is important to be sure that a total replacement is necessary. Listed below are a few signs that indicate that a new roof is required.

Determining Factors for a New Roof

  • The age of the roof. A typical roof can last between 20 and 25 years depending on how well cared for it is. The lifespan of the roof also depends on whether or not the previous roof was removed, there is one layer of shingles, and if the roof is properly ventilated. If a roof has been installed on top of another layer of shingles that are older than 20 years, it is time to replace the roof.
  • Missing or curling shingles. Any shingles that are curling or show signs of buckling are an indication that a new roof is necessary. It is important to inspect the slopes of the home that are prone to direct sunlight in order to determine if the shingles are curling. If the shingles are curling, it could be an indication that the shingles are past their life expectancy. Missing shingles are also a sure sign that the roof will need a replacement.
  • Bouncing feeling. If there is a spongy feel when walking on top of the roof, replace the roof as soon as possible. Spongy or a bounce when walking along the roof is the decking that has been weakened from moisture.

Replacing the Roof

  • Roof Replacement in Gig Harbor should be done with care and research. It is important to hire a company that the homeowner feels confident and good about. Listed below are a few tips to ensure the right company is hired.
  • Shop around. It is important to get references from people who are trustworthy including neighbors, friends and previous customers from different roofing companies.
  • Gather paperwork. Roofing involves a high amount of money and liability. It is important that the company hired provides a building permit, a written contract, and a letter addressed to the homeowner from the company’s insurance carrier.

Contact Today

While replacing a roof is not always the most fun to do, it is important to do as it is the home’s protection. For more information, contact a roofing company today.

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