Tips for Shoppers Considering Carpeting in Glenview

When homeowners are ready to purchase carpeting in Glenview, there are a lot of choices to make beyond what color they want. Carpeting is a cozy and comfortable flooring option, but it will not last if it is not cared for properly or the right type chosen for each space. Before making a purchase consider the level of foot traffic in the room, whether or not there are pets in the house and if food or drink are some things that are consumed in the room where the carpeting will be installed.

The level of traffic is important for both the color and the thickness of the carpet pile. Light colors and solid colors will show dirt and stains easier than carpets with a pattern or in a darker shade. Thick, shaggy carpets can become matted down if they are walked on repeatedly every day. This is particularly a concern in rooms like entries or hallways where a path could be worn where people walk the most. Plush carpets will also reveal footprints and show dirt easily, so they are better in bedrooms or dens with less traffic.

Carpeting made from uncut loops like Berber are firm and better for busy spaces, but not always the best option in houses with pets. It is easy for the pet to snag their nails on the loops and cause damage to the carpet over time. Textured carpets help to hide debris and are not as easy to damage. They are a great all-around option for busy homes. In rooms where food and drinks are consumed the best carpeting is one that is easy to clean and has been professionally stain protected to reduce the chance of permanent damage if a spill occurs.

Carpeting in Glenview should be vacuumed daily in busy rooms and at least weekly elsewhere. All carpets should be deep cleaned at least once a year to remove dander, pollen, and other debris. This will keep the home healthier, keep the carpet cleaner and fresher and will extend the life of the carpet. Visit to learn more about ordering carpet, to get the contact information for a carpet repair service and to see the other flooring options available.

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