Tips For Using Pheromone Sprays

Having the ability to be attractive to the opposite gender may not require hours in the gym developing that ideal physique or even making sure you are seen in the hottest clubs around town. Instead, the answer to how to be more attractive to the opposite sex may be as simple as choosing the right pheromone sprays to attract the type of person you are looking for.

Pheromone sprays, like oils and drops, are generally odorless unless a scent has been added to the product. If you choose the scented products you can wear them just as you would any type of perfume or cologne spray, but you do have to be careful about the number of times you apply pheromone sprays as well as the amount that you use.

How To Apply

Pheromone sprays become active as soon as they touch the skin. They will release powerful chemicals that are identical to the natural pheromones that the human body produces. To get the maximum effect, which will last all day, you simply spray for one to three seconds on a warm area of the skin. Ideally choose a location that is also close to your major blood vessels, with the neck or behind the ears being an ideal location.

Unless the product is scented you can apply your favorite cologne, body spray, perfume or scent in addition the pheromone perfume. This is true for both the products for men as well as women.

A Little Goes a Long Way

When using pheromone sprays it is critical to stay within the recommended use parameters. This means spraying only for a second or two within the specified time of effect. Do not use more than recommended or apply more frequently than recommended as it can produce a very strong effect that may actually be counterproductive.

It is possible to combine pheromone products, but take care not to use more than the recommended dosage of any product. If you are using more than one product make sure they are compatible on your body and create the impression you want to achieve.This is especially true for men when overuse of pheromone sprays may create the impression, at a subconscious level, of dominance or aggression rather than security and strength.

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