Tips for Water Damage Restoration in Rochester

You wake up one night and listen carefully, cringing at the sound of what seems to be running water somewhere in your home. Once you get up to investigate, you find that a pipe has busted and your home is covered in three inches of water. Now is the time to not only call the plumber but also a company that offers water damage restoration in Rochester to try and save anything that is valuable to you. Below are some tips on how to start repairing the damage while waiting for the plumber and the water damage restoration professionals in Rochester.

The first thing you will want to do is shut off the water valve so the steady pouring of water into your home stops. Next, you will want to open all the windows and doors to start airing and drying out your home. If you have any ceiling fans or box fans, you will want to turn them on to start drying your floors and carpeting before damage and mildew starts to set in.

Pick up any trash you need to throw away, and set aside any valuables you hope can be saved by the water damage restoration specialists you called. These things are better left to the professionals while you take care of the cleanup.

Once all of the above is taken care of, you will want to take a broom and sweep out all the water you can. Sweep it out of the front door if possible and then mop up the floors. If you have help doing this, it will go much faster, and you won’t be as exhausted when you finish.

Water damage is a hard thing to deal with, but if you follow the steps given above, your home and valuables should be repaired and in good condition in no time at all.

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