Tips for Water Leak Detection in Tulsa, OK

Leaks in a residential plumbing system aren’t just wasteful. They can also cause serious water damage. That’s why homeowners must keep an eye and an ear out for potential leaks and familiarize themselves with the basics of Water Leak Detection in Tulsa OK. Read on to get started.

Listen Carefully

Turn off the water to all the home’s appliances and fixtures and listen for dripping water. Don’t forget to check the sprinklers and outdoor hoses. If homeowners hear dripping water, they should call a plumber immediately and let this professional know where the leak is.

Check the Water Meter

While all the water lines are turned off, check the home’s water meter. It shouldn’t be moving, since no water is supposed to be flowing to the home’s faucets and appliances, so if the digits of the water meter continue to move even after the water has been turned off, it means there’s a leak somewhere in the home. A plumber will be able to detect the exact location of the leak so that it can be fixed.

Use a Geophone

Geophones are specialized tools used by plumbers for Water Leak Detection in Tulsa OK. Geophones work like stethoscopes, amplifying the sound of minor leaks to make it easier to determine their locations. They’re quite effective for detecting underground leaks but aren’t very good at finding very large leaks since the water leaking from large holes is less likely to make loud sounds.

Use Gas

Plumbers sometimes use industrial hydrogen gas to find indoor leaks. They test pipes by filling them with gas, then using a special device to track its movement through the pipe. Since it moves at high pressure, it will be easy for someone with experience using this technique to find where the gas is leaking through the pipe.

The Bottom Line

Most homeowners don’t have access to specialized tools like geophones and gas detectors, so they can’t always identify the location of their water leaks. If homeowners notice their water meters going up without a good reason or they hear dripping inside the home, they should call a plumber who can pin down the exact location of the leak and fix it. Check out Plumb Genius online to find out about one local plumber that can help today.

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