Tips on Double Hung Window Replacement in Petaluma CA

There are many reasons homeowners should take their time when choosing new windows. As a critical component in the home’s energy efficiency, today’s windows are more high-tech and varied. Whether a homeowner is looking for double hung window replacement in Petaluma CA, they can click here for some more tips.

When Windows Should be Upgraded

If the home’s windows are hard to close and open, or if they’re drafty, an inspection and a possible replacement are in order. Many are disappointed in their home’s current windows, and until recently, windows weren’t a priority for homebuilders. Even if the home’s windows are adequate, energy efficiency is a primary reason for an upgrade. Homeowners can expect up to a 30% savings on energy bills after switching to energy efficient windows.

Rebuilding or Replacement?

If a homeowner decides to get new windows, they should learn the differences between replacement and new construction models. Unless one is building from the ground up, or they’re undertaking a substantial renovation, new construction windows aren’t a viable option. As long as window trim is in good shape, the windows can be replaced.

Choosing Replacement Window Materials

There are four options in replacement windows, as shown here.

* Aluminum: While these are inexpensive, they’re waning in popularity because they’re less energy efficient. Aluminum isn’t very good at insulating against cold or heat, and it provides little in the way of sound dampening.

* Wood: Typically an aesthetically pleasing option, wood windows have two main drawbacks in their cost and limitations. After years of exposure to home settling and to the elements, a wooden window will not perform as well as those made of synthetic materials.

* Fiberglass: These windows are very durable, but they’re relatively new and untested. They can cost as much as windows made of wood, and they have no history in humid, hot climates.

* Vinyl: Economical, energy efficient and resilient, vinyl windows are a good option for the practical homeowner. However, the frames are sometimes made bulkier to increase strength. Therefore, a homeowner may notice that windowpanes are smaller if they get vinyl windows.

Choosing a Contractor

To achieve stress-free Double Hung Window Replacement in Petaluma CA, it’s important to choose the right contractor. There may be several local installers to choose from, and selection is critical. Price is important but it shouldn’t be the only criteria-;customers should look for an established company with a good local reputation.

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