Tips on Finding the Best Personal Trainer in Sheffield

For those concerned about their health and fitness, hiring a good personal trainer may be the best investment they will ever make. With the number of gyms around, how do you find the best trainer for you? There are a few important things to consider and assess.

Start Looking at Your Favourite Gym

When you are looking for a good personal trainer, don’t stray too far. Have a good look at your favourite gym. Start with reception. They should have a personal bio on each of the trainers. Often the person behind the desk can recommend the best personal trainer in Sheffield based on your personal goals. A personal trainer biography should contain:

  • How long has he or she been a trainer?
  • What is their area of speciality? Some focus on health and fitness while others focus on specific sports training.

The Best Personal Trainers “Walk the Walk”

You can learn a great deal about a personal trainer based on the way he or she operates. Do they present themselves well? Do they lead by example? Good trainers do not have to look like body-builders; most do not because that is not their goal. A person can be buff, but that does not necessarily make them a great personal trainer.

The Assessment Procedure

If the trainer launches you straight into a workout session, this should alarm you. Long before you climb on the treadmill or pick up a free-weight, you and the trainer should spend time discussing your goals, your illness history, any mobility problems you have and any other concerns. The trainer should pay particular attention to your posture. Based on this, the trainer can assess your abilities, know how you move and what programs are best suited for you. Remember, the best personal trainer in Sheffield is just as concerned about your safety as he is about your progress.

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