Tips on Hiring a VA Disability Lawyer

Applying for veterans’ disability benefits is a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating process. Having a lawyer’s help can, however, cut the red tape and reduce legal headaches. While lawyers specializing in veterans benefits cannot make the VA decide on a claim any faster, their advice may help you get the benefits to which you’re entitled. Read on to learn more about hiring a VA disability lawyer.

When You Need a Lawyer

In most instances, it’s not necessary to have a lawyer during the initial application phase. You can get help through one of the many veterans’ service organizations. However, if you’ve received a letter of denial, need to file an appeal, or you need to get your discharge upgraded to qualify for benefits, it’s worthwhile to hire a lawyer.

Questions to Ask a Lawyer

It’s crucial to hire a lawyer with VA experience who will properly represent your legal interests. Below are a few questions to ask any lawyer you’re considering.

   * Are you accredited by the Veterans’ Administration?
   * How long have you handled cases for veterans?
   * When was the last time you underwent continuing education on veterans’ law?
   * Can you help me get an early effective date for my veterans’ benefits?
   * Can you help me get a high disability rating?
   * Will you still represent me during the appeals process?
   * Can you practice in front of the CAVC (if applicable)?

If Lawyers Specializing in Veterans Benefits provide the right answers to these questions, they’re more likely to help you achieve a favorable outcome.

Finding a VA Disability Attorney

Many lawyers focus their practices on disability law, but in these cases, it’s crucial to find an attorney with a concentration on VA disability cases. Visit website to speak to Lawyers Specializing in Veterans Benefits or call the Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices to request a no-obligation consultation.

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