Tips on Picking Out a Capel Area Rug

by | Dec 27, 2012 | Runner-Capel-Rug

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A Capel area rug has its own style. Mention the word Capel, and people will know what you mean by the rug’s manufacturer alone. However, every Capel area rug is vastly different from the next. The elements of style and function are what make these rugs so unique. Their patterns, their colors and their styles are what set them apart. You too will be able to tell the difference once you use this handy guide.

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The sheer variety of Capel area rugs on the carpet market today is staggering. There are Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, outdoor rugs, contemporary rugs, casual rugs, traditional rugs, Southwest rugs, transitional rugs, lodge rugs, children’s rugs, solid rugs, bordered rugs, kitchen rugs and shag rugs from the company. Aside from style, there are stocking rugs, braided rugs, hand knotted rugs, flat woven rugs, hand tufted rugs, machine woven rugs, natural rugs and loop hooked rugs available from the manufacturer. These construction types alone could be confusing, and then you add shapes on top of that: round, rectangular, oval, runner, octagonal, scalloped and basket shapes.

Know Your Style
If you happen to already know your style, then your search for a nice Capel area rug will end pretty quickly. You just need to pick out the pattern, shape and size that correlate best with your eye for design. But if you just know you want a Capel rug, this may be a good opportunity to consult with a specialist and see if they can guide you toward the rugs that say the most about you. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed if you cannot tell the difference between a hand woven rug and a hand knotted one. These specialists are here to guide you, not to make you feel silly.

Understand Add Ons
Add ons like rug pads and cleaners are vital for the health of your area rug. Understand how they function and when to use them best when speaking with an authority on rugs. See how the pads are best fitted and where they should be cut, and get a demonstration on cleaning an area rug. This most easily is done in a showroom environment, though online experts are available too and often host podcasts and present online demonstrations about how to properly care for your Capel rug. Spend some time gathering this information so your rug will last a lifetime, not just a few years.

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