Tips That Will Make the Air Conditioning System Installation in Ferndale WA Go Smoothly

After taking a good look at the current heating and cooling system, the contractor confirmed what the homeowner feared: the system has to be replaced. Once the selection for a new unit is made, the next step is to arrange for the Air conditioning system installation in Ferndale WA. With the date in place, the homeowner can begin to make some preparations to ensure the work moves forward without any issues. Here are some tips that will help.

Clear the Driveway

On the day the Air conditioning system installation in Ferndale WA is to take place, make sure the driveway is clear for the delivery of the new system. By allowing the installation team full use of the driveway, they can position their vehicles closer to the house. This will make it easier to unload the new unit and transport it to the installation site. They will also have fewer steps to manage when the time comes to load up the old unit and haul it away.

Clean Around the Installation Site

Take a look at the area around the current unit. If anything is stacked around it or if the shrubs that hide the unit from the street are a little overgrown, take care of those issues at once. The idea is to make sure the installation crew has plenty of rooms to work. If they do not have to work around various obstacles, they can get the job done a little sooner.

Find a Place for the Family Pet

The family dog may be friendly, but the pet does not need to be in the middle of the installation process. If the unit will reside in the side yard, and the back yard is fenced, the pet can spend a few hours in that secure space. This will allow the crew to make the connections outside and then come into the home to finish the job.

For any homeowner who is thinking about the purchase of a new heating and cooling system, call the team at Lynden Sheet Metal Inc. After going over the options and settling on a solution, it will be easy to set a day for the delivery and installation.

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