Tips To Finding A Midland Prom Dress Mom and Daughter Will Both Love

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, girls, and even their moms, love to scroll through magazines, Internet web pages and stores looking at prom dresses in Midland TX. There’s just something about that magical night that brings out the romantic in every girl. For moms, the eyes may drift towards the dresses reminiscent of the ones they wore “back in the day”, while today’s teens may look at the dresses celebrities of today might wear. Following are some tips on picking out dresses to make both of you happy.


While many girls love to go for the bright satin looks, stylists advise you to stay away from it. Why? Satin, especially the stretch satin fabrics give the wearer a fuller look and that’s the last way you want to look when a hundred different cameras are snapping in your direction. Additionally, any panty lines, bumps or bulges are going to show under satin.


Many teens love the look of sequins and dream of going all be-dazzled up, but when over-done, sequins simply look cheap, say many style experts. Instead of going with sequins all over the dress, pick one with sequin accents, perhaps at the waist or neckline, keeping the overall look of the dress simple.


Plus-Size teens should show off their legs, de-emphasizing the larger parts of their middle. While the trend is often to wear lots of fabric in an attempt to “hide” the body, that’s not the right idea. In most cases, plus sized girls have fabulous legs and a great bust line, so emphasize those areas. A three quarters length sleeve followed by a short skirt is a great balance with a v-neck that gives a slimming look without baring all cleavage.

By using taste and trends, both mom and daughter can come up with a look you will both love. If size is hard to come by, start ahead of time and have a dress custom made or altered to make the love you like one you absolutely love. Every girl deserves to feel like a princess on prom night, just don’t wait until the last minute to get started.

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