Tips to Help Avoid the Inconvenience of a Clogged Toilet in Your Home

There’s nothing worse than washing your hands after using the restroom, only to hear the flushing toilet stop in its tracks. That gurgling sound means certain inconvenience as you pull out the plunger and work in dirty water until the toilet flows freely again. To help limit this inconvenience, it’s important to understand how to avoid clogging your toilet.

Keep the Main Drain Clear
Given the large volume of water that passes through a toilet drain when you flush, your main drain has to be in good condition to prevent a backed-up toilet. If a plunger only seems to work some of the time, you may have a larger problem than a simple clogged toilet in Leominster, MA. A clogged main drain could be due to residue in the drain from substances that have been poured down the drain, or it could be due to tree roots or other outside obstructions that have broken through the drain.

Throw Away, Don’t Flush
Though the drain hole in a toilet is fairly large, it doesn’t mean that you can flush anything that will fit through that hole. In fact, except for waste and toilet paper, nothing should ever be flushed down the toilet. Any other common hygiene and toiletry items that you flush could quickly result in a clogged toilet in Leominster, MA, as other substances catch on these items, creating a dam that water can’t pass through.

Use Toilet Paper Sparingly
Though toilet paper is perfectly fine to flush down your toilet, it’s important to avoid flushing too much at once to prevent a clogged drain. If you find yourself in a situation that requires extra toilet paper, simply flush the toilet before completing the use of the toilet paper so only about half is flushed each time. This way, you can achieve the level of clean that you desire while keeping your toilet flowing freely.

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