Tire Equipment In Pittsburgh PA: How To Choose The Right Tire Changer

It is good to be careful when choosing a tire changer to service the wheels. This ensures that the ability of the wheel clamping will accommodate the size of the wheels of your vehicle. If you opt to choose the jaw clamping design, you should ensure that the external clamping range is the right type for your wheels. Although many manufacturers prioritize the internal clamping changers, you should consider using the external clamping range when clamping the reverse center rim or the aluminum wheels. Also, consider the following when choosing a tire changer:

1. Ensure that the Tire Equipment in Pittsburgh PA has an air assist arm especially when changing the low profile tires. The air assist arm follows the rotating tire helping it to hold the tire bead found in the drop center of the rim. This ensures that you do not damage the tire bead when mounting the tire. It is important for the assist arm to have an adapter to depress the rim downward perfectly. This helps you to clamp the rim externally without damaging it.
2. The side shovel you intend to use when breaking down the bead should have the capacity to accommodate the largest wheels you want to service.
3. Consider the design of the mount or dismount heads. Also, make sure polymer heads that match the design of your wheels are available.
4. Ensure that the tire changer has safe clamping jaws with protective covers that protect the rim of your wheels during the changing process. If you choose center clamping designs without protective covers, they will easily damage the rim of the wheels.
5. Check the inflation system to ensure that it will inflate rims of different types and that the inflation jets are properly placed on the tire beads. It is also possible to find tire changers with blast type inflation systems especially for the larger wheels.
6. You should go for the bead lever design that is very effective especially when changing tires of low profiles. For other wheels, you can choose pneumatic lever flips or a Tire Equipment in Pittsburgh PA with lever-less tool heads.

To find the best tire changing equipment, you should Visit the website and consult competent and experienced dealers.

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