Toilet Plumbing Repairs In Germantown TN

In the case of a plumbing issue where the supply and waste lines are already in position, the repairs may be easy for a do-it-yourself project. If you are afraid that it will be a destroy-it-yourself project then it is always wise to call out for professional plumbing repairs in Germantown TN to get the job done right the first time.

If you are trying to replace an existing toilet, there are 16 simple steps to get it done. Familiarize yourself with the toilet and its different parts before beginning the project. By learning about the tank, flush mechanism, float, coupling bolt, shut-off valve, supply line, cold water supply line, bowl connector, trap, bowl and the toilet seat and lid and where the bolt attaches the bowl to the floor. This will help you save time when instructions call for adjusting any of these parts.

After you are familiar with the parts then make sure that you get together a lot of rags for cleaning up water spills that inevitably happen when working on the plumbing. Next drain the water in the tank and disconnect the toilet. Keep in mind that the best place to put the toilet for additional drainage would be in the toilet if you are working in a full bathroom. Next you need to loosen the seal and position the new bowl. You will have to replace the wax ring which should come with your new toilet bowl assembly package, but double check that you have this important piece. Apply the caulking and fasten the bowl to the floor after the caulking is set.

After the steps to install the toilet bowl are finished you are ready to set the new tank in place. Simply attach the new tank to the bowl, making sure the lid fits securely on the top. Connect the toilet with the supply lines and then tighten the compression nut. After applying additional caulking and smoothing out visible areas, you are finished with your toilet project.

Always check the difficulty rating for a project before you begin. With that in mind, removing and replacing a toilet is listed on the easy to moderate range however, at any time you can call in a company for plumbing repairs to help you in any part of the process.

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