Top Reasons To Choose Temperature Controlled Storage In Birmingham, AL

Anyone who has lived in or around Birmingham, AL, knows that summers can be very hot and humid and winters are cooler but also humid. The combination of the heat and humidity is important to consider when planning for short or long-term storage of household items during a move or throughout the year.

choosing temperature controlled storage for the entire contents of the home or for just a few seasonal things is always the best idea. This type of storage offers protection for the items in storage, but it also offers additional benefits as well.

Prevents Damage to Items

High levels of heat in buildings that are not temperature controlled storage can go well above what the outside temperatures are in the summer months. This may mean temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is high enough to cause problems with plastic components on electronics as well as damage screens and other types of displays.

Maintains the Condition of Wood and Upholstery

High heat and humidity are particularly hard on furniture. Without temperature controlled storage the humidity can cause wood to swell and fabric to stay damp and wet through the year. With a lack of air circulation in these hot, damp facilities mold and mildew on fabric is a very common issue.

With long-term storage, wood can become damaged due to the high moisture in the air in buildings that are not temperature controlled. Without proper maintenance and cleaning in the building, insects can also be a problem in these Birmingham, AL storage facilities.


A well-maintained, climate controlled storage facility in the area is also designed with security in mind. This includes the installation of state-of-the-art security systems, fire suppression systems and full ventilation for optimal safety for times stored in the facility.

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