Top Tips on Choosing Shotgun Ammo Wexford Residents Should Follow

When it comes to shotgun Ammo Wexford enthusiasts have three flavors to choose from; slugs, buckshot and birdshot. These shots can be made from either lead or steel. All you need to be acquainted with tips on how to choose the proper ammo for your shotgun depending on its type and range. Below are some of the considerations that will weigh heavily on the choice of ammo you decide to use for your shotgun.


The target you choose will tell you whether to use lead or steel ammunition. If you are shooting at ducks, then you will be required to use a steel shot in order to avert chances of poisoning the water with lead. The next thing that your target determines is if you will require using buck, slug or birdshot.


The range tells you the size of the shot to use, using a large shot too close to a target can lead the animal to been blown up to pieces thereby destroying your catch. A shot too small at a greater range will not materialize into a kill.

Sizes of Different Ammo

There are various sizes of ammo stocked by a gun dealer in Wexford:

Lead birdshot; #12@.05 inches to bbb .19 inches

Steel birdshot; 9 .08 inches to FF .23 inches

Buckshot starts from #4@.24 to 000@.36

Slugs from .5 Sabot to .699 rifled

The larger the size of shot and smaller the size of animal the more damage will be caused. Large animals are best shot with slugs or buckshot.


For defense against human aggressors, the household birdshot is more than capable for the ranges found in a house. When it comes to deer, you should at least apply a 00 buck within 40 yards, for beyond, use a Sabot or slugs.

Gauge Size

There are different gauge sizes that one can choose from in a guns shop. They range from between the 28, 20, 16 or 12 gauges however, the larger the number the better it is to shoot but the bore gets smaller. For example:

12 gauge has 18.5 mm

16 gauge with 16.8mm

20 gauge 15.6 mm

28 gauge 13.8 mm


There are also different choices when it comes to shells that Ammo Wexford residents need to consider. They include 3 1/4, 3 and 2 3/4-inch shells.

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