Total Mouth Restoration by Dentists in Phoenix

Total mouth reconstruction performed by Dentists in Phoenix can help you feel confident about your smile. This procedure utilizes both neuromuscular dentistry and aesthetic dentistry techniques. It can correct such things as misaligned, broken, missing, decayed, and worn teeth. All these issues can cause improper bite and pain.

Total mouth restoration can also be used to treat gum disease, correct irregular bite, and improve bone structure. When the condition of your teeth is determined, dentists in Phoenix will decide if you need porcelain veneers, on lays, complete crowns, inlays, dental implants, or bridges. A team of dental practitioner are utilizes each specializing in a specific aspect of the needed restoration. These experts may include an oral surgeon, periodontist who could treat gum disease, endodontis for tooth pulp disease, and orthodontists to focus on position and movement of the teeth. Scaling and root planing may be needed to obtain healthy gums and align the jaw. This restoration may also include:

1. Replacement of old crowns and fillings
2. Periodontal therapy
3. Oral surgery
4. TMD therapy
5. Sleep apnea treatment
6. Surgical gum procedures
7. Complete of partial dentures and bridges
8. Bonding of the teeth
9. Lengthening of crowns
10. Occlusion correction therapy
11. Full mouth reconstruction can include one or more of the following procedures, depending on your needs:
12. Dental implants to replace missing teeth
13. Surgical re-positioning of the jaw
14. Reshaping teeth
15. Gum tissue contouring
16. Grafting of soft tissue and bone
17. Temporary restoration placement
18. Neuromuscular dentistry
19. Braces
20. New crowns and fillings matching natural tooth color
21. Permanent placement of veneers, bridges, porcelain onlys/inlays, and crowns

Click Here to schedule an appointment to determine if you may need total mouth reconstruction. Dental implants and gum grafting can improve the oral hygiene of your mouth, which can also help prevent health issues. Full mouth restoration can restore the healthy, natural state of your mouth, relieve pain, and give you a bright white smile. It can also boost your confidence, relieve headaches, and make chewing easier. In addition it can decrease or eliminate clicking of the jaw by realigning your teeth, bite and replacing missing teeth. This involved process can take up to a year to complete, but after it gives you a correctly functioning pain free mouth.

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