Trade Show Exhibit Rentals Create Cost-Effective Marketing

Trade shows are the perfect place to showcase your business. Whether you are a new business trying to get your name out there or you are an existing business with a new product, trade shows are a great place to market. If you take part in many trade shows throughout the year, buying a trade show exhibit is typically a good investment. If you only take part in a few trade shows per year or you are a new business without a lot of capital, trade show exhibit rentals are the perfect choice.

The Downside to Buying an Exhibit

When you make the commitment to buy a trade show exhibit, you will have more costs than just purchasing the exhibit itself. You need to consider where you are going to store the exhibit and the cost of insurance, as well as the cost of transporting the display from storage to the trade show and back to storage. These costs can add up, making it more cost effective to use trade show exhibit rentals.

Always Have the Perfect Size

When you purchase a trade show exhibit, you will have an exhibit in one size, no matter what your booth size is at each trade show. Since each trade show is held in a different venue, your booth size is likely to change. If the exhibit you own is too large for the booth you are provided with, you could be out of luck. If you don’t find this out until the day of the trade show, you will be in a bind. When you rent an exhibit, you have the opportunity to visit the trade show venue ahead of time to measure your space to determine what size exhibit to rent for this specific show.

Change Your Display

Another big advantage of trade show exhibit rentals is the ability to change your display from show to show. When you purchase an exhibit, it is a costly purchase, which means you will use it for as long as possible. If your tastes change or you have new ideas, you won’t be able to utilize them until you dispose of your current exhibit. Renting exhibits for each show allows you to change your display as much as you want, while still staying within your company’s specific image. This allows flexibility in your advertising and allows you to try different methods at each show.

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