Treating Gum Abscesses

When a dental problem occurs, you should seek help right away from an emergency dentist in Mundelein, Il. If you have an abscess of the gum tissue around a tooth, then you should contact your dentist immediately. An abscess of the gums indicates that there is serious inflammation that can infect the roots and pulp of the nearby teeth. With oral antibiotics and a professional cleaning treatment, it is possible to eliminate the infection to protect your teeth.

Have Small Chips Repaired with a Bonding Process

Don’t ignore a small chip in a tooth because it can lead to an infection inside the tooth. Visit an emergency dentist near Mundelein to determine the best way to fix the tooth’s damage. It is possible to repair some tiny chips with bonding material. This substance is a composite resin that matches the color of the tooth, and when the dentist polishes the dried substance, no one can see the repair on the tooth.

Contact Us to Learn More about Emergency Dental Procedures

When a tooth has a larger chip or crack, your dentist can make a dental crown to cover the damage. In many cases, your tooth will require a root canal first to eliminate any infection in the pulp or the roots. A dentist will sedate you before performing a root canal because it requires drilling into the tooth and pulling out the roots and the pulp. The dentist will fill this tooth with a supportive substance, and the dental crown is placed over this tooth. Dental crowns will last for many years with the proper daily care, and you will continue to have a beautiful smile. To learn more about an emergency dentist Mundelein dental facility, contact North Suburban Dental at our website located at

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