Trendy Proposal Stories from Men Who Found the Perfect Ring Among Designer Engagement Rings Racine WI

An engagement story is one that will be shared with family and friends throughout the entire wedding planning process, and beyond. How a man pops the big question, can involve a lot of thought and creativity. Putting the engagement ring in champagne, or on top of an enter during a fancy dinner, has been a go-to engagement plan for many years. However, lately the trend for engagements has been a bit more personal, and yet at the same time, more elaborate.

One trendy way for men to propose, is to surprise the bride-to-be with family and friends at the location of the engagement. One gentleman, found his perfect engagement ring among the Designer Engagement Rings Racine WI, then planned a Disney vacation for him and his girlfriend. What the girlfriend didn’t know, was that some choice family members, and a few close friends were also taking the same vacation. The man proposed in front of the castle, and to the shock of the new bride-to-be, her family and friends came out from among the onlooking crowd. The bride was in awe of the chosen ring, which was the perfect choice out of the many available Designer Engagement Rings Racine WI, and was beyond excited to share her moment with those closest to her. The entire group continued the engagement celebration with a large group vacation.

Another trendy way to propose is to tie in details of either childhood, or the history of the relationship. One gentleman, who was going to propose to his childhood sweetheart, also found his ring among the many Designer Engagement Rings Racine WI. On a trip back to their home town, he decided to take a driving tour of memorable moments that they had shared. Finally, arriving at their previous high school, and location of their first kiss, he convinced his soon-to-be fiance to go for a walk around the campus. Then, in front of the bleachers, he bent down on one knee and proposed. Her excited yes was the cue for the high school marching band to begin serenading the newly engaged couple.

Engagement plans which take a lot of thought, and maybe even a lot of timing are sure to bring a tear to any soon-to-be bride’s eye. Making the proposal personal to the unique love story will create a lasting memory, and story to be shared for years to come.

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