Trust a Certified Court Reporter to Handle Your Transcription Needs

Are you looking for a trained court reporter to transcribe court proceedings, depositions, lectures, or other events that require convenient and reliable recordings? Contrary to what many believe, not all court reporters work full-time as officers of the courts who swear in witnesses, transcribe legal proceedings, conduct research, and other important tasks. Freelance reporters are able to bounce back and forth between one or more agencies and can lend out their services hourly, daily, or perhaps longer, depending on the individual. Generally, becoming a certified court reporter takes 2-4 years of schooling and intensive practice. Throughout their training, court reporters learn to efficiently, and accurately transcribe important information for documentation and further review.

Precise Transcripts
Skilled court reporters are assets to courtrooms, law firms, businesses, television networks, and more because they’re able to transcribe words and actions in real-time. While it’s simple to digitally record events such as hearings, arbitrations, meetings, etc, court reporters are able to provide a level of exactness that technology alone cannot. Qualified reporters know what to listen and look for, and how to quickly record useful information even with the presence of background noise. Successful court reporters must be detail-oriented, observant, analytical, and knowledgeable to deliver rapid yet accurate transcriptions of names, speech, gestures, and other relevant happenings in the environment.

Various Services
Freelance reporters are able to apply their skill sets to a number of tasks. Many companies offer a medley of services to their clients for reasonable, straightforward fees, such as transcription, interpretation, videography, and more. Producers of television networks and stations also appoint trained court reporters to create closed captions for certain programs for the benefit of deaf and hearing-impaired viewers.  So, whether you need a deposition transcribed and filmed for review, or a detailed transcript of an important board meeting, you can count on the expertise of a certified court reporter.

Jersey Shore Reporting is a court reporting agency that offers its services to clients in New Jersey, New York City, and the Philadelphia areas. With 38 shorthand reporters available to deliver the quality service your organization needs, you’re guaranteed customer satisfaction. For more information or to request a transcription, visit us today!

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