Trust Your Projects to Trained Electricians in Orange County

Electricians in Orange County, can assist you with electrical repairs, upgrades, or new construction projects, including building a new home or adding on to your current home. They can diagnose and fix any electrical issues you may be having, either at home or at work. If you have a construction project in the planning stages, a qualified electrician can assist you with the design of your new electrical system to make sure it’s adequate for your needs and within codes, while allowing for some future expansion.

With the increased number electrical devices people own, it’s easy for an older home’s electrical system to become overloaded. Those homes weren’t designed with big-screen televisions, computers, gaming systems, home theaters, espresso machines, or hot tubs in mind, and you may find yourself resetting breaker switches or replacing fuses more and more often. That’s a warning sign you need to have professional Electricians in Orange County inspect your home. It may be something as basic as upgrading your electrical panel or adding more outlets, but it could also indicate that it’s time to replace the old aluminum wiring with safer copper wiring. These kinds of professional inspections may also reveal portions of your system are no longer within code, and your electrician can remedy that situation as well.

Outdoor lighting is another area where Electricians in Orange County, can be invaluable. Homeowners seem to be spending more time outdoors, and electrical conveniences are moving outdoors with them. In addition to using outdoor lighting for decorating and setting an atmosphere, it can be used to enhance the after-dark safety of walkways, garden paths, and patios. Security lighting is another application for outdoor lighting. One of the more popular trends these days is the move to outdoor kitchens. If you decide to follow that trend, your electrician can make certain that you have all the safe electrical power you need.

Whether you need repairs, renovations, or construction, Electricians in Orange County, should be part of your plans. Residential, commercial, or industrial, the pros at Gerhard Electric will use their years of experience to get the job done to your satisfaction while guiding you to the most energy efficient solutions. Family-owned and operated, licensed and insured, they can handle any job, large or small and they offer free electrical contracting estimates.

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