Trusting Your Moving Company to Transport Valuable Items

When you hire movers to transport your valuable belongings, you must have a sense of trust that the movers will get your belongings to the new location safely. When moving locally in New Jersey, the best movers will have proper licensing, insurance, bonding, and training. However, proper licensure and insurance is only the beginning, since even regular movers usually have the right credentials to move your belongings. Below are things you should look for when hiring a moving company to transport extremely valuable belongings.

Background Check of Employees

You want to insure that the moving company you hire conducts background checks on employees. Not only does this increase your level of security when you allow the movers access to your home, but it builds your confidence that the movers arrive ready to work. You don’t have to worry about movers not being in a professional state of mind and dropping your antiques or poorly packaging your glassware. Companies that perform background checks often have a high level of expectation for their employees.

Installation and Disassembly

New Jersey’s best movers will have professionals trained to disassemble large, expensive pieces of equipment or furniture and reassemble after transport. You may need to disassemble pieces of computer equipment or furniture to easily load it onto the moving truck or get it through the doorways. Your movers should know how to work well with their hands to competently disassemble and reassemble your belongings. You should look for movers that also know how to install things like televisions or sound systems. It’s much easier to move into your new home or office space if you don’t have to worry about installing everything yourself.

Custom Moving Crates

For large or oddly shaped valuables, you need a company that offers custom-built crates. When it comes to New Jersey’s best movers, building custom crates should be an automatic service for customers who need to move a large amount of valuables. Custom crates work best for valuable items that need extra space, and moving companies will take care of the packaging to insure nothing gets broken. By working with a reputable company that specializes in moving high priced items, you can feel confident your items will arrive safely. Click here to know more about our moving services.


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