Try Sand Wallpaper in Ft. Lauderdale, FL or Other Interesting Patterns

Why not go beyond plain painted walls in a room or two? Make a whole wall a painting with special wallpaper patterns or murals. Try sand wallpaper in Ft. Lauderdale FL for that beechy look or try a beech scene mural. Sunsets and sunrises are especially nice. There are contemporary patterns, nature patterns, grasscloths, metallics, and more. There are tiny background patterns, coordinating papers and borders, and murals that meet any child’s wishes for a special room.

Paint Vs. Wallpaper

People do not have to choose between a whole house in wallpaper or a whole house painted. Patterns such as sand wallpaper in Ft. Lauderdale FL can be used on one wall with coordinating paint on other walls. Wallpaper designs and murals can be used for accent walls or whole rooms depending on the budget or customer preferences. The entry, kitchen, baths, and bedrooms are nice places to add a splash of pattern and color with a small investment.

Wallpaper Choices

There are thousands of patterns of wallpapers and murals to choose from. The modern manufacturing methods using computers have opened up the wallpaper field tremendously. It is even possible to have custom murals and wallpaper designs printed with customer photos or artwork. Some of the wallpaper categories include textured wallpaper, natural wallpaper, embossed wallpaper, metallic wallpaper, floral and botanical pattern wallpaper, murals, wood, brick, and stone pattern wallpaper. There are thousands of color choices and many stripes, plaids, and other patterns.

Wallpaper and Changing Tastes.

The wonderful thing about wallpaper is it goes up fast, giving a room a whole new look. It also comes down easily hen installed on properly prepared walls. When a mural or other wallpaper no longer excites the building owner, they can have it removed and an entirely different pattern or mural installed to make the room look new and fresh again.

Wall Preparation

For successful wallpaper installation and later removal, the wall must be clean, primed, and coated with sizing. The sizing makes the paper stick evenly to the wall and also makes removing the paper later easier. When an old paper is removed, the wall should be washed to get rid of paste and bits of the remaining paper. Then, it should be resized and new paper installed. A wall that has been papered before can be painted once the wall has been scrubbed. Visit for more information and ideas.

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