Tustin Animal Hospital Focus On Complete Care For Your Pets


A multi-disciplinary Tustin animal hospital provides comprehensive care for your furry family members with extraordinary veterinary care, surgical services, grooming, training, dental care, and boarding.    Annual or semi-annual wellness checkups, vaccinations, grooming and training are all vital to the overall health, wellness, and happiness of your pet.  Dentistry is a growing field in veterinary care as studies show that over 70% of cats and 80% of dogs have signs of some sort of oral disease.  Keeping your pet’s skin and coat clean, unmated, and protected through grooming is necessary to ensure their comfort and wellness.

Preventative Care

Semi-annual or annual examinations by a doctor help to ensure your pet’s health as well as give the doctors a chance to evaluate them for a variety of conditions and diseases, including obesity.  Obesity in pets is just as big of a negative impact as it is in humans.  Just like us, their heart, joints, and bones suffer when they carry too much weight and can take significant years off their lives.  Weight loss and management plans crafted by your Tustin animal hospital can include a change in food, exercise, and supplements.  Rest assured that your vet does not want your pet to starve, just to be healthy.  Other tests during annual examinations can uncover hidden problems such as diabetes, glaucoma, or arthritis.  It is important that you effectively communicate any changes in diet, exercise, or other habits your pet has exhibited since the last appointment.

Pet Dentistry

Really?  Dentistry for pets?  Yes, as with humans, good oral hygiene in pets is vital to their overall health and wellness.  Gum disease, cracked or broken teeth, and other ailments can cause severe chronic conditions and put strain on their vital organs.  The heart, kidney, lungs, and liver can all be affected by poor dental health.  Today both anesthetic and non-anesthetic cleanings for pet’s teeth are available.  Under anesthesia, pets have plaque removed, can have a tooth pulled, receive a cap, or even get a root canal.  Periodontal disease is the 2nd most common disease in our pets, just behind obesity.  With non-anesthetic cleanings, your pet is held in the lap of a technician that carefully removes plaque and trapped debris.  They also do a thorough inspection of the teeth, gums, and mouth.


Depending on your pet’s age, breed, medical conditions, and coat qualities, they may need monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual grooming.  Grooming services include washing, conditioning, brushing, drying, clipping as well as the cleaning of ears and trimming of nails.  Both dogs and cats greatly benefit from regular grooming, and breeds with denser thicker coats can leave their hair at the groomer’s versus on your floors during shedding season.  Nails that are allowed to grow too long are at risk for splitting and cracking.  Because the quick is so close to the edge, a broken nail can cause infections and affect their ability to walk.

Your pet loves and adores you and they deserve the best care available.  Grooming, preventative care, dentistry, surgery, training, and boarding are all part of comprehensive pet care.

This approach ensures that you and your pet develop a personal relationship with the staff and the facility making each visit more comforting to your pet. This type of complete care is available from a local Tustin animal hospital.

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