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UntitledEach year, over two million couples in the United States say “I do.” Did you know that in the United States the average wedding will cost close to $30,000? The wedding ceremony alone can run for $2,500. It is the cost of the reception venue that gobbles up the wedding budget in Twin Cities weddings.

With the economy being far from stable, weddings are beginning to take on a new approach – it is one that relies on the couple and their families to plan the event. It is one in which the heat is on them to find ways to stay within or even come lower than the allotted budget. This often means finding a unique an inexpensive venue for the nuptials.

Options for Twin Cities Weddings

It easy to imagine you and your partner are walking down the broad aisle of an impressive cathedral. You hold your reception at a yacht club or the local country club. This is feasible if you have the money. The reality is most people can’t afford it. If they want it, they may have to go into debt.

In Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota – the Twin Cities, weddings can truly be reasonably priced. It all depends upon whether you are willing to explore more than the usual. You have options – some of them may even be free; others are lower in price than the traditional venues. Consider the following possibilities:

  • City, State or National Parks: Fees for rental are usually minimal. The parks may even have a covered picnic area, trellis or other area to provide shelter. Some may even have indoor venues for inclement weather, including those that come with a late fall, winter or early spring wedding
  • Arboretum and/or Gardens: Twin Cities weddings can really shine if held in an arboretum or botanical garden. The Twin Cities is home to the stunning MN Landscape Arboretum. Why worry about adding flowers or greenery against such a beautiful backdrop. If, you want something that is similar but different, you can always consider the possibility of the Normandale Sculpture Garden or the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
  • Historic Buildings: If you want to add a touch of Minnesota history to your Twin Cities weddings, consider having the wedding or reception in a historical home or building. Several of them are open to the public and are willing to rent out their facilities. Some to ask about are Alexander Ramsey House, the James J. Hill House and St. Paul’s Landmark Center

Many options are possible for a reception and/or ceremony in the Twin Cities. Weddings can celebrate the union of two people without breaking the bank. The suggestions above are merely that. If you put your mind to work and think about inexpensive but classy alternatives you can find something that will cause gasps of surprise. As a result, your wedding day will be talked about for years after it is over.

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