Types of Auto Glass Repair Tucson

When a car is travelling at high speed, even the smallest of pebbles can gather enough momentum to cause serious damage of the car’s windscreen. These damages can be in terms of cracks and chips which, if not repaired early enough, could grow into un-repairable cracks to a point where the only solution becomes the replacement of the entire windshield. Auto glass repair, Tucson is all about dealing with such minor windshield damages and preventing them from spreading. Special inspection should therefore be done by a car owner in order to spot any damages that need to be dealt with. Such an inspection may seem simple but could save one lots of cash in terms of repairs.

The three main types of auto glass repairs that are carried out on a glass windscreen are crack repair, chip repair and scratch removal. Both chip and crack repairs are done using the same set of tools and in the same way apart from repair of scratches which is more of a surface damage.

Chips on windshields can be caused by an object striking the windshield especially when the car is in motion. What happens with chips is that they create a weakness in the glass surface which then begins to extend as the car is driven and also as a result of the different weather conditions such as temperature and winds.

Auto glass repair performed to deal with chips usually takes a very short time usually less than 30mins. Auto glass repair is first of all begun by removal of any dirt or debris that may have accumulated in the chip. This is done by vacuuming which also removes moisture too. A special type of resin is then used to fill the chip. Removal of air and dirt from the chip is important to ensure that the resin bonds with the actual glass.

Once the resin has been applied, the seal is left to harden by drying the resin. Ultra violet light helps with the resin.

Crack repair is carried out in the same way as chip repair, the difference is in the extent of the damage, and cracks are longer and deeper than chips. It is important to note that cracks larger than a dollar bill cannot be repaired. Cracks are also an advanced stage of chip damage hence can be avoided if chips are repaired early enough.

Just like chips, auto glass repair of cracks involves cleaning and filling cracks with resin to restore the structural integrity of the glass.

Scratch auto glass repair, Tucson can be carried out by use of special scratch remover. It is important to note that the main causes of scratches are windscreen wipers; they should therefore be replaced early enough and inspected regularly.

There are a team of certified technicians able to carry out any form of auto glass repair including replacement of entire windshields. In order to learn more, please visit Max Auto Glass in Tucson.

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