Types of Garage Flooring in New York

Stained and Sealed Concrete

This can have incredible visual effect to any space, especially if it is well installed by an expert. However, experts say that this type if the flooring is not the best for a functioning garage that needs repairs. For those who are looking to build a new garage spaces, this type of floor could be the most appropriate. For effective results of stained flooring, the concrete used must not have cracks, pitting or chemical stains. It is advisable to add some acid stain after the floor has been installed and prepped. This helps to give the floor a shiny color that matches none.

However, when constructing your Garage Flooring in New York, you can use a combination of stains to come with different shades of color, but this can be disastrous to first-timers. Once you have ensured the stains are dry, you can apply a coating of acrylic to offer protection to the bare concrete. The coating is essential in increasing the durability of your floor. However, acrylic coat requires routine maintenance. You can maintain through waxing, buffing, and you may need to reapply the coat after every year or as soon as possible depending on the level of wear.

Polyurethane Flooring

Polyurethane coatings have been voted the most popular and standard type of coating used in industrial floors. They can be the best solution for garage floors that are designed to resist heavy workshop duty and traffic. Polyurethane coating is considered more resistant to chemicals than epoxy floors. In addition, they have little wear compared to other types of flooring. Polyurethane coating is not applied to concrete directly, but rather is coated on epoxy coat. The poly coat is applied as a topcoat to give your floor a tough and resistant finish that will last for long. In essence, polyurethane coats are applied to serve as a protective coating for your floor.

The downside of polyurethane floors is the cost. This is because the installation of poly is preceded by application of expensive epoxies, which involves more materials, tools and time. Since they require a series of coatings, poly floors can take a week or more before they can be used. With the right choice of your Garage Flooring in New York, you will avoid repair costs that often follow poorly installed floors in high traffic zones in a garage.

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