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Types of Reconstructive Dentistry in Midwest City OK

Posted By: Leah Austin

Those with missing or damaged teeth may be considering Reconstructive Dentistry in Midwest City OK. This is a great way to have a specialist restore your smile. At the office of Sunnylane Family Dentistry, they’ll identify the issue and find the right solution for the specific needs. Here are some of the most common procedures involving patients and reconstructive services.

Dental Implants

There are a variety of reasons that people end up losing teeth. This can be caused by anything from an accident to serious decay. A cosmetic and restorative dentistry professional can fill in any gap with an implant designed to look and function just like a natural and healthy tooth. Unlike dentures, they don’t have to be removed, which makes them an ideal choice for patients that want to permanently restore their smile.


If there isn’t a missing tooth, but one that is badly damaged, the most effective treatment is a crown. This involves slightly reshaping the tooth and placing a covering over it that looks natural. This procedure is typically done when the damage has affected the look and shape of a tooth.


Another way to replace a missing tooth is the use of a bridge. These span the gap between the missing teeth. This is less time consuming than the implant process, therefore many patients choose this procedure over other options. These are not very common in the back of the mouth where a lot of pressure is put on the teeth.


Dentures are removable, which makes them a less permanent treatment for missing teeth than implants or bridges. On the other hand, they can replace a full mouth of missing teeth. This isn’t practical when going with implants, so it is a good option for those needing a full set of teeth. Over 30 million Americans have dentures. There are situations where older adults that didn’t have access to a dentist when they were children are now dealing with dental problems and dentures is a solution.

Those considering Reconstructive Dentistry in Midwest City OK can schedule an appointment at Sunnylane Family Dentistry that offers top-notch dental care treatments. The experienced staff will help to enhance your smile. To get additional information visit the website. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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