Types of Repair Your Boat Dock May Need

No matter what sort of dock you have, it requires some amount of regular maintenance. Keeping it neat and clean with the use of water-safe nontoxic cleaning solutions is a fantastic start, but it isn’t the only maintenance needed. The dock should also be inspected regularly for any cracks of splinters in the planks. You don’t have to handle all of these repairs on your own, though. It is possible to hire an expert to take care of your boat dock’s repair in the 83638-zip code.

Sealing Wooden Docks

If you have a wooden dock, the lumber used for it should be treated. It is also important that the dock is sealed annually in the manner the manufacturer instructs. Any dock repair company will be able to handle this for you to ensure your boat dock lasts for as long as possible.

Inspection of the Underwater Platform

Another boat docks repair in the 83638-zip code this is crucial is inspection he underwater platform. This requires using a set of goggles and visually inspecting for any damage. You can also run your hands over the wood or other materials to see if you come across any damage.

Removal of Animals and Plants

If there are large amounts of barnacles or other sea creatures attached to your dock, it may make it challenging to repair, inspect, and treat the dock. These things can also cause damage to the dock itself. Your repair person in the area will remove plants and animals from the surface of the dock and clean up after all debris is removed.

Repairing Wooden Platforms

Sometimes you may get a hole or scratch on the wood platform which needs to be repaired. Marine putty will often take care of the problem quickly. The person you hire for your dock repairs will know which putty is appropriate for your issue and will handle the situation promptly.

Those who work with damaged docks can also help by treating metal platforms, replacing accessories, repairing hardware, and more. If you have a boat dock, an annual inspection is a bare minimum to ensure it lasts for years into the future.

At Inland Marine LLC, we offer repairs on all types of docks. We also carry many common parts, so you don’t have to worry about a wait. If your dock needs help, you can learn more and get in contact with us at www.InlandMarine.org.

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