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Understanding a Chimney Leak Rockville

Posted By: Leah Austin

A roof inspection is an excellent way to ensure that a home says warm, comfortable, safe and protected from gradual deterioration. An inspection can also help spot a Chimney Leak Rockville. Reliable Roofers Inc will agree that there are many potential causes of chimney leaks. Determining the cause requires a thorough inspection from someone who specializes in this and is considered an expert. Below is a complete list of hazards for clients to look out for.

Uncovered Chimneys

A chimney cover is easy to find, but not all homes have them. Some leaks are caused by rain falling into the chimney. It’s a good idea to consider adding this feature to a home to prevent leaks in the future.

Flashing that is Weak

The area where the chimney’s brick meets the roof is sealed with flashing. This is usually made of aluminum and inserted between bricks and molded to fit on top of the shingles before a final sealant material is applied. Over time, these materials can erode and wear down. Many times, they simply need replacing to avoid a Chimney Leak Rockville.

Cracks in the Crown

The cement structure on the top of the chimney shaft is called a chimney crown. Its purpose is to keep rain out. When the crown gets cracks in it, water will fall right through the cracks until they are repaired.

Cracks in the Chimney

Brick chimneys are held together with mortar. The brick and mortar are susceptible to erosion as are the other parts. The cracks here can allow water into the chimney. Through a specialized waterproofing process, a professional can stop the chimney leaks for good.

Improper Lining

Some older chimneys or those that were constructed poorly can lead to the accumulation of condensation. Fumes from a fire will then condense on the inside of the chimneys when this is the case. This will soak the bricks and keep them moist all the time. Eventually, this constant humidity will give way to stubborn leaks.

One of the best parts about the colder months is being able to enjoy the warmth of a fireplace in a home. For those that are experiencing a chimney leak, call and schedule an appointment for an inspection and repair. Learn more about the services offered by visiting online. Click here for more details.

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