Understanding Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy In Autism Therapy

Parents in and around Chicago, IL, often find it difficult to locate experienced professionals to assist in the therapeutic treatment of children on the autism spectrum. Children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) may have a wide range of different and challenging behaviors, making it difficult for the children to participate fully at school, in the community, an also within the family.

There are many different options in autism therapy that may be used with children to various degrees of success. One of the most effective options for children with autism is Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA therapy.

What is ABA?

ABA is a targeted type of autism therapy that uses data and small-step learning processes to change maladaptive behaviors. The first step is to identify the areas of challenge for the individual child. Data is collected to create a baseline, and then the areas identified are used to design a customized treatment plan for the child.

The behavioral analysis or therapist then develops a series of progressive steps to help the child replace the problematic behavior with the desired behavior. Each progressive step has specific cues to support the child and to facilitate learning. These steps are also customized to the child, and progression through the steps is controlled by data that supports the child’s learning.

The Benefits

In addition to being personalized for the individual child, ABA autism therapy provides parents with a precise method to use, so they can work with their child in between therapy sessions in a structured way. During sessions, the parent can speak directly with the therapist, analyst, or the technician and receive feedback, support and encouragement in working with their child.

The child experiences a sense of accomplishment through the use of ABA therapy. Positive feedback and natural consequences of positive interactions with others in the family, community and at school help the ASD child in learning real-world skills that he or she can continue to build on throughout life.

The best types of ABA therapy include support for the child in all environments. This can include in the home and at school, as well as in different activities and locations in and around the community in Chicago, IL.

For more information on the use of ABA autism therapy in Chicago, IL, talk to The Autism Therapy Group.

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