Understanding How Your HVAC System Works Can Boost Your Profits

As you control the air temperature and humidity in your commercial establishment you will be using your HVAC system, but do you understand how it works? Understanding more about your HVAC system in Fenton will help you organize regular maintenance and maintain a relationship with a supplier of York AC compressors and other models, and later for parts and accessories, for your immediate needs.

How Does Your HVAC System Work?

A split air conditioning system has one component outside your building and another inside. The outside part of your HVAC system comprises a condenser and compressor while inside your property there is a fan and an evaporator coil.

The split air conditioning system may use an efficient compressor such as the York AC compressors. They remove the warm air from inside and return it back as cooler air. The compressor is working hard by pumping refrigerants for your system to make a collection of the moisture and heat inside your property. This is then blown over the indoor coil which is cooled, and therefore, cools the air. The hot air is transferred outside of your property and the cool air is sent back inside.

These work well in warm climates by reducing the level of humidity and keeping the property cool. The noise from the compressor is kept outside of your building and air removed from inside the rooms passes through a filter to clean the air.

What About Mini Split Systems?

These are designed to work in smaller areas, perhaps covering a single office or the bathrooms of a larger building. They offer a small condensing unit outside, with the evaporator unit inside is relatively compact. These are not designed to help boost your HVAC system in large rooms or industrial areas.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps transport warm air from your home during the warmer periods of the year. During the cooler periods of the year they send warm air back into your property. In particularly cold areas a further source of heat may be required.

This model uses electricity to move the heat from or to your property. The compressor circulates refrigerants between the air handler indoors and the outside compressor.

HVAC thermostats can vary between simple models and full feature rich systems. When you understand all of the possibilities that can be controlled from the thermostat, you will be able to match your budget to a suitable model.

You will certainly benefit by using an efficient model for your HVAC, such as the York AC compressor. Visit Harster Heating & Air Conditioning more information.

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