Understanding the Different Materials for Dental Fillings in Wichita KS

If you have a dental cavity, your dentist most likely recommend a filling to correct it. Fillings are also used in other circumstances, including repairing chipped teeth and adjusting minor spacing issues. When it comes to Dental Fillings in Wichita KS, there are different materials offered. Depending on the specific situation, your dentist may suggest you use a certain material. In other instances, the decision may be left up to you. That’s why it is important to understand how each material varies from the next.

Silver Fillings

Perhaps the most widely used material is an amalgam, also referred to as silver fillings. This material is an alloy of several different types of metals, including silver, copper, and tin. These fillings also contain mercury. The levels of mercury used in silver fillings are not enough to harm a patient. Silver fillings are superior when it comes to repairing large chewing surfaces. This is why amalgam commonly reserved for back molars. It is also used for larger fillings, such as in the case of a root canal. The material is strong and durable. Most teeth treated with silver fillings last for 15 years or longer before needing to be replaced.

Composite Fillings

For those looking for a more cosmetically pleasing material, composite fillings are the way to go. This material is tooth-colored. It is commonly used for fillings on visible teeth, such as in the front of the mouth. Composite fillings are also ideal for smaller cavities. Placing this material into a cavity requires more specialized tools. It is not flexible, and must be cured with a special light in order for it to harden correctly. The dentist will use a drill to adjust the filling to the patient’s bite. Composite fillings don’t last as long as other dental fillings in Wichita KS. They usually need to be replaced after about seven years.

Be sure to speak with your dentist before having a cavity filled to make sure you are getting the best filling material for your situation. Check Out  to see how fillings are being used in other dental procedures. Having a cavity filled will prevent further tooth damage, and picking the right material will ensure you many years of a problem-free smile.

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