Understanding The Importance Of Acupuncture Points

Acupuncture is a form of medical treatment that seeks to restore a proper balance of energy in the body. The underlying premise is that energy is in constant motion throughout the body and supports the proper function of every organ. When something interferes with that energy flow, a professional will use needles at related Acupuncture Points to remove the blockage and restore the energy flow. Here is why knowing what points need attention matters.

Points and Energy Meridians

The Acupuncture Points are identified as being located at what is known as energy meridians. The meridians can be thought of as intersections in the flow of energy that help to ensure every part of the body has the nutrients and adequate blood flow needed to sustain life. It is at these meridians that some sort of blockage is most likely be present.

A medical professional will use what is known as a point chart to identify the location of each meridian. Taking it one step further, the chart also identifies which meridians are connected with the type of ailment the patient is experiencing. This means that if the individual seeks acupuncture as a way to treat a condition like an anxiety disorder, the needles will be inserted into specific meridians around the body.

Why the Right Points Matter

The goal is to restore the natural flow of energy by clearing any blocks that prevent that flow from happening efficiently. By understanding which points have a direct connection to the lungs, the brain, the nervous system, and other parts of the body, it is possible to direct attention directly to those points. Doing so eliminates the need to use a trial-and-error approach, hoping to find the right combination of meridians to treat a specific ailment.

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