Understanding the Need for ATPase Activity Assays

The term ATPase activity refers to a catalyst reaction involving hydrolysis of ATP, yielding ADP and a freephosphate ion. In some cases, this reaction may be coupled with another unique reaction. ATPase activity assays are platforms that are used to eliminate the requirement for internal assay development, which can be extremely time-consuming. That is why having access to an ATPase assay kit is a significant help for those who work in biological research.

Applications of the ATPase Assay

There are several unique applications where ATPase activity assays can be extremely useful. We’ll go over a few of those below:

* Profiling hits for inhibitor potency

* Screening for enzyme inhibitors in compound libraries

* Determining inhibitor residence times

* Assessing the selectivity of inhibitors between enzymes

* Measuring for activity in enzymes

Comparison to Radio-Labeled Assays

With the ATPase activity assays offered by organizations like Bellbrook Labs, there are numerous benefits. If you were to compare these assays to radio-labeled assays, you will find that they are not only safer, but more dependable and accurate to use. This is important when it comes to getting the best possible results in research and application.

A Universal Option for Screening

This type of assay is universal in nature, which means that it can provide screening for nearly any type of ATPase enzyme. Because of that benefit, it is often used on difficult targets that may not have as many options in terms of effective techniques. For the researcher looking to the future, these assays are the answer for emerging targets and targets that may still be to come.

Less Chance of False Positives

ATPase assays can help you reduce time spending handling false hits, which allows you to use that time finding actual leads. Many of these assays offer far-red tracers which helps to eliminate any interference from fluorescent compounds. The immediate ability to detect ADP will reduce the level of interference that may be common with complicated coupling based assays.

Simplicity of Mix and Read Process

These assays are compatible and capable of being used with 96 well, 384 well, and even 1536 well plates. It’s entirely up to you and based on the format that works best for your unique needs.

If you are looking to learn more about ATPase assays, you can do so at Bellbrook Labs. We offer information and products at www.BellbrookLabs.com.

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